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Here's how to use this slideshow: 1) you can click on "slide show" to view the pictures as a slide show. The slideshow controls are on the bottom. If the pictures are scrolling too fast, you can change the amount of time each picture appears. Or you can scroll through manually, pause, etc. 2) you can view the pictures individually. Below right you will see a "drop down" box that says "View". When you click on the arrow you can select how many pictures you want to appear on the page, either 9, 15, 30, or 60. Once you select that, you can put your cursor over the pictures and you will see a description of what that picture is. If you want to see it bigger along with the description, just double click on the picture. This takes you to that individual picture on the slide show. 3) We hope that you enjoy our pictures! NOTE- THE SLIDESHOW MAY NOTWORK PROPERLY WITH INTERNET EXPLORER 8 OR OTHER NEWER BROWSER VERSIONS. IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY, TRY ANOTHER BROWSER.