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" I never imagined how much they would teach us
 in a couple days..."

" It was cool how Kian and Doug would work with
 you...until you get it, no matter how long it

" My head is kind of spinning after everything
 I've learned..."

The reality of our industry is that to survive, a business that provides interior/aesthetic restoration and repair services for leather, vinyl, plastic and velour must succeed against a wide varietyof challenges. One of the most important tests a business or technician may face is to keep up with the ever-changing technology, skills and techniques in our field. The reason that this is vital is pretty obvious; as with all human endeavors, our industry evolves and grows over time. As more and more people have chosen to work in this field for their livelihood, techniques and technology evolve naturally - we find more efficient ways to complete repairs that produce better results. This leads to increased profitability, strengthand endurance for a business. The field of medicine echoes this lesson. Imagine if you were a doctor that learned fundamental skills twenty or thirty years ago. Between then and now things have changed greatly in the medical field, and if a doctor didnot keep up with the constant innovations and improvements in medical care, would you want to see this doctor? Although we don't have the serious responsibility of someone's health or life inour hands, things are similar in our field. The technician that still uses techniques from long ago when there are better techniques that produce better quality results is at a distinct disadvantage against a competitor that does keep up with the most modern developments withinthe industry. The competitor who continues to evolve and grow will havea more profitable business and will serve his customers better than the"old school" technician that refuses to even think about improving his skills, technique or ability. This leads to one inescapable conclusion: without continuing improvement or growth in our skills, techniques and ability, the survivability of a business is severely threatened. So what do we do about this? Find ways to continue learning how to be better at what we do. Only by reaching out to other sources of information and knowledge can we learn about new products and techniques. One of the most direct ways to accomplish this is by furthering our knowledge by attending training seminars. The only problem with this is that we know how hard it is to find money,time and resources to go to a lot of training seminars. Even worse, we know that if you attend a training seminar that doesn't teach techniques and skills that are truly better than what you already use, that growth will not be achieved either. Basically, as business owners we have to be careful how we spend what precious few resources have been budgeted toward improvement and growth. Choosing the training that will maximize the skills and ability of either the business owner or employees is as important as making the decision to invest in improvement itself.  

MATRI-X is founded by two industry professionals, Doug Snow & Kian Amirkhizi, that continue to operate their own very successful repair/restoration businesses in one of the most competitive markets in the world. While carving their niche in Los Angeles, they continue to experience many of the same struggles that all of you face. Everything that MATRI-X tries to produce or offer to our customers is born from the combined experience of over 50 years of operating a business in a harshly competitive and unforgiving market. The lessons that Kian & Doug have learned have created these strengths of the MATRI-X seminar curriculum: No repair technique is taught that Doug & Kian would not use for their own customers. We value the customer base of our students as much as our own, and we show this by having high standards about the quality outcomes of the techniques that are taught. Just as Kian & Doug learned through their award-winning careers, we realize the practical value of a "hands-on" approach. The MATRI-X curriculum is built around each student being able to immediately try and demonstrate skills or techniques as they are presented to them. TheMATRI-X classroom is devoted to the "hands-on" approach. Each student's station has a full compliment of the tools and products needed to perform and practice the new information they have learned. One of the best features of the MATRI-X learning experience is how we present the fresh, innovative and exciting information that we teach. MATRI-X offers the most technologically superior classroom available within our industry today, offering a total multimedia learning experience. We have found that our use of video, slideshows, demonstrations and live on-camera presentations really improve what our students actually take away from our classes. We all know that we learn better or worse depending upon how lessons are presented to us. Some people learn better by seeing things done, some people learn better by hearing a description of how things are done, and some people need to do things themselves to learn and remember. Regardless of how our students learn best, MATRI-X teaches in a"multi-modal" and multi-sensory approach, insuring a positive learning experience regardless of how the student is able to learn best.
We've heard it from most of our students: they are surprised by the intensiveness of MATRI-X training seminars. The plain fact is that it takes hard work and stamina to achieve certification by MATRI-X, and many of our students are shocked by how much information they are presented with over the course of a few days. We pride ourselves on being willing to work as long as it takes (even after class hours) to make sure that every student has guidance and support in their quest for excellence. One of the most common compliments that our instructors receive is that they are not “clock-watchers” – that Doug & Kian’s passion for teaching leads them to extend themselves however necessary to help their students achieve success. Most of us have experienced the frustration of trying to learn something from someone who is not a gifted teacher. Doug & Kian encountered this themselves many times while attending training seminars during the years that they themselves were learning their skills and ability. Within the MATRI-X philosophy, we realize that having good knowledge to share isnot enough; without being able to present the knowledge in an engaging, entertaining and interesting way students would not realize the full benefit of our training. A boring class is an unsuccessful class. The fact is, if the people teaching us something do not bore us, we comprehend and learn a lot more. Doug & Kian teach in a dynamic and entertaining way, through the use ofhumor, demonstrations, music, pictures and sound. Their ability to make the curriculum exciting, fun and entertaining has always been identified as one of MATRI-X's strongest virtues according to our alumni. Training seminars that you might attend from most of our competitors are biased. The fact is that almost all training seminars offered for the interior/aesthetic repair & restoration field are sponsored or organized by product manufacturers and suppliers, who understandably want their trainers to only use their own product line during the training (this includes when MATRI-X is hired to train for a manufacturer or supplier). The MATRI-X "UNBIASED" series of training seminars breaks this mold - Doug & Kian use the exact selection of products that they have found most effective in the field during their combined 50 years experience. Within the UNBIASED series of trainings, Kian & Doug also share theirconsiderable knowledge of how they have learned to select the products that they use, and teach their students how to make sound product choices for the future. Finally, to make sure that our training is valuable to you, MATRI-X offers a guarantee that is unmatched by any of our competitors. Our guarantee states that if a person takes our class and completes the first day and is unhappy with the experience, their Seminar Registration fees are completely refunded, no questions asked. So, if you seriously want to plan for the survival of your business or career -you must continue growing, learning and improving what you do. Since resources for this are rare given the "lean & mean" business climate, a wise choice must be made as to how to spend those resources. Given the facts, it is clear that MATRI-X offers the most elite, valuable and practical training within our entire industry.