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MATRI-X educates, provides and promotes the best knowledge and technology available, combined with "real-life" experience, offering any aesthetic technician the skills and ability to build a healthy, profitable business. Ok...That's the official line. In "Plainspeak" - our real mission is to serve our customers and our students with integrity, passion and enthusiasm. Sure, we want to be profitable like every other business owner, but the real payoff in our opinion is seeing the excitement on the face of a new student when he or she realizes they have a way to make a good living and a good life through the knowledge they've learned. MATRI-X wants to continue being part of that. That is why we strive to insure that every customer, student or business partner we engage is happy and satisfied with our business. This is just the way we do business here.

“Love stole my heart, and stomped the sucker flat…” – old C&W tune, author unknown
Training people to either develop a career or to improve their skills within their career is what MATRI-X is all about. Most of us are familiar with the old saying about how it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him one; what isn’t revealed is how positively this can affect the teacher(s) as well. We have found each class to be a distinctive pleasure in its own way. We’ve made great friends and created memories we will not soon forget. Best of all, in each class, at some time or point, some student comes up to us and says “I NEVER thought I’d be able to do this…” It is not a bad way to make a living. Maybe that is why our classes seem so successful for everyone involved – since everyone ultimately benefits, including us. One thing that we do want to share with you is this promise: MATRI-X will never be “content” with what we offer, that we will always strive to keep up with the best practices of our industry and always bring our students the truth about what works and what doesn’t in the real world.