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Meet Doug Snow and Kian Amirkhizi, founders and owners of MATRI-X. They met about eight years ago after being assigned as co-trainers in a series of classes formed by a product manufacturer. Both were already quite familiar with one another, since both had operated aesthetic repair businesses in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. After teaching several classes together over a period of years, Kian & Doug noticed that they had found a special chemistry together as trainers and a shared vision of what their students should really learn from a class. As Doug & Kian continued to teach together, they began to listen intently to their students. They began to understand what their students really needed to learn and focus on during training in orderto make it worth the time and expense, and how best to present this using a wide array of multimedia materials. Using principles of Adult Learning Theory, they spent countless hours composing and revising a new curriculum based upon practical application of all the things Kian & Doug had learned while operating their own businesses outside of these training classes. Doug & Kian began to discuss forming a company based upon this curriculum, and MATRI-X was born in 2005. For the next two years they continued to appear at teaching seminars sponsored by specific product manufacturers, and realized that more change was needed. In short, Kian & Doug envisioned a training companythat would be based entirely on their experience, rather than based upon the desires or promotions of a product manufacturer. In the year 2007, MATRI-X unveiled a most exciting development! First, our class series "Unbiased 2007" launched as the first training seminar available that featured a new philosophy of training: Doug & Kian offered a curriculum based only upon the most efficient and effective restoration and repair techniques that they knew. This would include the products used in the class, since Kian & Doug will only show their students the products they use everyday in the field as successful recon technicians! We were thrilled to respond to public demand and began offering our own product line. We only offer products that we use in our training seminars, and that Doug & Kian continue to use everyday in their own successful aesthetic repair businesses. We do not subscribe to a single manufacturer, we'd rather find whatever product works the best. But our main focus will always be on exceptional training!

First, meet Doug Snow, a long time veteran of this industry. Some people even claim that his first repairs were on horse buggies. Doug has a well-deserved reputation as a master craftsman and an excellent teacher, gaining respect not only from his competitors, but also from the hundreds that have attended his training classes that he has taught since 1987. He was also a certified instructor and a long time member of the International Professional Vinyl Repair Association. He continues to run a very successful business in Southern California servicing many of the best automotive dealerships in town, including Galpin (the largest Ford dealership in the world). He has served Galpin since 1989.

Doug placed second in the Mobile Tech Expo leather repair contest in 2002, second place in 2003, and accomplished an amazing feat: first, secondand third place in 2004. No one else has done this since. He also authored a practical miniseries ofhow-to tapes for the industry in the late 1980's (not sold anymore) and even has a tool that he invented with his name on it, the Snow Shoe.

A 1st place winner of the Mobile Tech Expo leather repair contest in 2003, Kian has worked in the industry for 24 years. He has written articles for major trade magazines as well as being the subject of such articles. He currently owns and operates a successful business in the Los Angeles area working his magic for some of the biggest names in the  entertainment industry.
Kian has been teaching his craft to many students for over the last 13 years. He has gained a reputation as an excellent technician and teacher with a firm grasp on the technical aspects of this industry. Since the majority of his business centers on leather and stain removals, he brings a much needed alternative expertise to MATRI-X.